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Terrain Focused Approach

Dr. Nasha Winters refers to the "terrain" as a "person’s internal and external biological systems." Our bodies have the divine intelligence to heal when we add or remove factors in our environment that either support or cause an imbalance in our terrain. Everything from psychology, physiology, and biochemistry plays a role in the health of our terrain. Day-to-day exposures to the toxins in our air, water, food, products, relationships and attitudes have a profound impact on our terrain. Our daily habits can create health or lead to disease and dysfunction over time.

Who Do We Support?

Those who are committed to making changes to their internal and external environments.

  • Complimenting the medical standard of care (“SOC”) for those:
    • Undergoing current treatment
    • Progression in treatment
    • Completion of treatment
    • Recurrence after treatment
  • Alternative to medical standard of care:
    • Opt out of SOC
    • SOC has failed them
  • Prevention
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